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Your logistics industry network in the Lübeck region

Facts about the logistics region Lübeck

The logistics region Lübeck offers optimal conditions to be successful.

An optimal traffic infrastructure, comprehensive competence of the companies operating here and a large handling volume form the elementary location factors and thus best conditions for modern logistics service providers and completely satisfied customers.

The good geographical situation has exerted a positive influence on the economic development of the Lübeck region for centuries.

The port of Lübeck is the most south-westerly point with direct access to the Baltic Sea and is therefore an important linchpin for national and international freight traffic.

The A 1 motorway connects Western Europe with Scandinavia on the shortest route and the Lübeck region in just 30 minutes with Hamburg. The region Lübeck is part of the prosperous metropolitan region Hamburg, which forms the logistic center of Northern Europe.

The Baltic Motorway A 20 is the direct link to the Polish city of Szczecin and part of the "Baltic Highway", which leads across Poland to St. Petersburg, and even destinations in southern neighboring countries can be reached in just one day.

The Lübeck rail network connects the railway network of Deutsche Bahn AG via a large industrial and port railway network and also integrates commercial and industrial areas. Thus, the port of Lübeck is the only Baltic Sea port with direct multimodal access to the motorway, rail and Europe's inland waterway network over the Elbe-Lübeck Canal.

Optimal infrastructure:

  • Connections to international long-distance traffic (Motorway A1, A20)
  • Southwestern Baltic Sea port of Europe
  • High-frequency line connections to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
  • Multimodal bundling point (water, rail, road)
  • High frequency hinterland connections
  • Kombiverkehrsterminal Lübeck-Scandinavia quay
  • National and international direct train connections
  • Connection to the European inland waterway network - Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal
  • Connections to international long-distance traffic (Motorway A1, A20)

Key figures port location Lübeck (2017):

  • Total turnover (gross): 25.1 million t
  • RoRo handling: approx. 836,000 units
  • Container handling: approx. 139,400 units
  • Dry bulk: 833,000 t
  • Bulk liquid: 14,000 t