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Your logistics industry network in the Lübeck region

About us

What we do, how we work, where we want to go

logRegio was founded in 2007 as an initiative of Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck GmbH. In 2013, the initiative created the non-profit logRegio e.V.

The character of the association gives even more sustainability, legitimacy and visibility to the topic "logistics industry in the Lübeck region" represented by logRegio.

In addition to the food, health and tourism industries, the logistics industry - shippers, service providers and infrastructure providers - is an important regional pillar. In order to safeguard and expand this strong position, logRegio is committed to ensuring that the communication and cooperation between companies, the public sector and the public sector Administration as well as the education providers and universities is intensified. Because only those who speak with each other, move something!

logRegio limits itself to concrete topics that can be moved for and in the Lübeck region. We focus on the targeted exchange of information and the implementation of specific projects in the interaction of shippers, logistics service providers, modes of transport and - where innovative solutions are in demand - also with the universities located in the region of Lübeck.

The success criterion of the logRegio e.V. is the structure and the daily life of a cooperation of the regional logistic actors which is characterized by trust and orientation towards the subject.

Relevant topics are identified together, evaluated according to the applicable principles and implemented in the sense of the formulated objective.