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Trainee rotation program

Why not even get to know a company that is otherwise a potential customer or client during training?

This is exactly what the logRegio Trainee Rotation Program has been offering trainees from its member companies since 2015.

As part of the logRegio Trainee Rotation Program, trainees as merchants for freight forwarding and logistics services and warehouse logistics specialists were able to promote their networked thinking and expand their own experience by becoming acquainted with other structures and processes in the partner company.

The support of the "exchange trainees" by own trainees from the companies involved also serves to build a cross-company trainee-network, so that the companies and participants can benefit from the networking and the exchange of experience with each other.

The advantages for companies are above all in the training marketing by public support of the trainee share, an additional offer for the enterprise, the increase of the enterprise binding of the trainee (employer branding), the networking among the trainees and participating enterprises and the horizons extension and the acquisition of Key qualifications, such as flexibility, communication skills and cooperation skills.